AmCan’s commitment to safety goes far beyond the legal limit. AmCan’s goal is to safely provide value-added transportation services that meet and exceed each customer’s expectations. At AmCan, we promote safety on the roads and environmental awareness with all of our drivers.



Since we started our operations, we’ve been in compliance with the new cargo securement rules.  The new rules, based on the North American Cargo Securement Standard Model Regulations, require motor carriers to change the way they use cargo securement devices to prevent articles from shifting on, shifting within, or falling from commercial motor vehicles. The changes may require motor carriers to increase the number of tie downs used to secure certain types of cargo.


Winter weather conditions throughout United States influence commercial motor vehicle operations and driver safety through: impaired visibility, wet pavement, heavy and frozen precipitation, high winds, extremes of temperature, and other factors. These factors pose a challenge to AmCan’s primary mission. Therefore, we are dedicated to exploring different strategies for reducing the risk of weather-related crashes, such as education and alerting drivers to adverse weather conditions.


AmCan Freight Lines trucks are covered with:
-Liability commercial insurance up to $1,000,000.00
-Cargo insurance up to $100,000.00

Cargo insurance can be increased depending on our customer’s needs.