Most of AmCan’s loads originate in United States and end up in Western Canada.  AmCan Freight Lines is a U.S.-based trucking company and brings trucks back to the U.S. from Canada at the most competitive rates out there. If you are a Canadian shipper and willing to ship to the U.S., then this is your opportunity to lower your transportation expenses.


UNITED STATES As a U.S.-based company, most of our trips originate in the U.S. and go into Canada. Our primary areas of operation are the Midwestern, Western, and Southwestern United States. Our clients from the US are mainly freight exporters to Western Canada. We have all of the necessary licenses required for your freight to reach Canadian customers on time. Our shipping rates are the most competitive in the market. Give us a call or send an email with your requirements and concerns, and we’ll help you take that load out of your mind.

CANADA Canadian freight that has a destination to the United States is our “back-haul” freight line and deserves significant discounts. It is in this way that shipping companies from Canada have an opportunity to “ship for less.” We are experienced hay haulers from Canada to the U.S. Farmers and hay traders are welcome.