AMCAN FREIGHT LINES started serving American shippers in 2006. Since 2011, the company has provided quality transportation service between the U.S. and Canada. Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, AmCan Freight Lines serves over 500 North American customers.

As a new AmCan customer, please visit Equipment, Services, and Regions to see how we can satisfy your needs. Price quote is negotiable and we’ll show you our ability to match the competitor’s price. Thank you for your business!


We strive to earn positive recognition in the industry by building strong relationships with shippers and brokers, and we plan to be in business for many years to come. Our goal is not to become the industry’s leader; our goal is to obtain complete customer satisfaction. We want our customers to know that we are “ahead of the others” in customer service.


Our fleet consists of 90% independent owner operators. We support the fact that owner operators are more reliable to work with than company drivers. Owner operators are typically faster than company drivers. For example, they are better equipped to handle minor repairs, while company drivers will have to waste time and money waiting for unnecessary road service and repairs. There are many other reasons to choose owner operators over company drivers, and we are proud that our fleet consists of 90% owner operators.

  • Excellent service.  Reasons for using AMCAN: Always on time, never had any issues, Credit card payment option and finally using AMCAN makes my customers happy. –John Dabic, Dabic Enterprises